Therapy & Adolescents

Working with  adolescents

It is natural for young people to pull away from their parents in order to individuate during adolescence.  But this can be difficult for them and their parents when emotional difficulties arise.  A young person feeling under pressure may not feel comfortable sharing their troubled thoughts with parents or even with their friends. Adolescence is a time of rapid change and brain re-organisation.  This can bring some over-whelming emotions from time to time.  Often all a young person needs is a free and protected space where they have the freedom to express thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Obviously a therapist needs to keep all clients safe and where there are concerns about self-harm or risky behaviours, the young client is supported to share their issues with their parents and seek other interventions when necessary.

The use of creative materials depends on the individual, but many young clients use art work or sand tray materials to express thoughts and feelings that are not easy to put into words.  Clients are encouraged to engage with techniques such relaxation and cognitive behavioural techniques to help with anxiety and to build resilience going forward.

Young clients are asked to commit to six sessions initially and then there is a review.  The initial number of sessions are about getting to know the client and their needs.  The fee for the first intake sessions which takes an hour and half and involves both parents and adolescent, is 90 euro. The fee for each client session and further reviews thereafter is 70 euro per session.  The client attends once a week and the session duration is 50 minutes.

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